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The elevator decoration common sense

Elevator decoration material of knowledge, the main points of metal, wood, glass, artificial materials.

Metal material: mainly used in stainless steel plate, used for car wall, car door, hall door, and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury Hair pattern plate, mirror panel, mirror etched, titanium plate, gold plate and so on.

Woodiness material: mainly used in enclosure, ceiling and floor decoration. Enclosure decorate use woodiness material is a lot of more phyletic, such as red ju or white ju, birds eye, black walnut and mahogany wood, etc. Suitable for star hotels and other places of decoration to demand higher. Condole top with wooden material and capsules to be coordinated. The floor is wooden floor. Capsules decoration use woodiness material requirements through fire processing, meet fire acceptance criteria.

Glass: glass, mirror, for car wall decoration. If a mirror stainless steel is used, it is not possible to use a mirror.

Artificial material: mainly used in ceiling of transparent plate, beam used artificial materials. Condole top is a variety of class, with different car decoration. Capsules armrest with artificial material also more. Of course, there are metal and wooden materials.


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