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Which countries and regions Is a new rapid increase in the number of the elevator

According to the Chinese elevator association statistics, China's elevator industry has always maintained a rapid growth since 2000, to 2014 average annual growth rate of more than 20%.

As a product of modern life, the passenger elevator has become a city high-rise buildings and public places within the indispensable construction equipment, to provide fast and convenient, easy to traffic for residents, in recent years, as the global population growth and urbanization speed up and the improvement of people for convenient life, the elevator is more and more widely used.

Although elevator ownership in China is growing fast, but the elevator ownership per capita compared with the developed countries, there is still a large gap with the sustainable development of China's economy, a long time in the future the demand of the lift will still maintain a certain growth, our country will remain the world's largest elevator market.

Developed countries such as Britain, America, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and other countries the elevator ownership level has reached every 200 people with an elevator, as the population growth is slow, the elevator's basic remain stable, but the elevator requirements keep 5% 7% growth each year, the main reasons are as follows:

First, the old elevator out and update, to adapt to the development of safety, energy saving, environmental protection requirements; Second, the technical regulations of updates and new laws, regulations and policies.

Involving personal safety mandatory provisions will cause both elevator after transformation of still can not meet the requirements and be forced to discard;

Third, the existing buildings equipped with cargo elevator or existing buildings functional change need to update the elevator equipment. Developing markets original elevator few in number, but due to the rapid growth of the economy in recent years, the rapid development of the infrastructure, a fast increase in the number of the elevator, such as China, India, Russia, Middle East, asia-pacific region and other countries and regions, due to large investment in infrastructure, a rapid increase in the number of new elevator.

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