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The elevator industry development trend forecast of the intelligent group control technology leads the industry development

When the elevator products become increasingly homogeneous, intelligent group control technology will lead the new trend of the industry development. Although intelligent group control technology have been applied, but the scope of application is limited, mainly concentrated in a large hotel and high-grade office buildings.

The elevator group control system refers to the installed within a building passenger elevators, and connect the elevator with a computer. The computer can be collected various signals of each elevator, after scheduling algorithm of computing to each elevator control instruction. To sum up, the elevator group control technology can according to the change of the traffic flow inside the building, prepared in the running state for each elevator, the purpose is to achieve ladder group of the best service and reasonable operation and management.

The traditional group control algorithm is only one goal, namely the minimum waiting ladder time. In the modern high-rise building some of the specific transportation mode, may not require each elevator can service each floor, so the study of the panoramic elevator group control system scheduling algorithm has important practical significance. Intelligent group control technology not only on behalf of the industry development direction, will also bring more convenience to people.


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