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Dumbwaiter Drive Mode of the Elevator

Communication elevator, communicate with induction motor as the driving force of the elevator. According to the drag way and communication can be divided into single speed, communication, double speed regulating speed control, communication, communication variable voltage variable frequency speed regulation, etc.

Dc elevator, use dc motor as a driving force of the cargo elevator. Extra speed of this kind of elevator is usually more than 2.00 m/s.

Hydraulic elevator, often use electric pump driven fluid activity, the plunger to make capsules elevator elevator.

Elevator, gear and rack guide rail is processed into rack, capsules mount with the rack of meshing gears, motor drive gear rotating capsules panoramic elevator.

Screw elevator, the direct roof of the plunger elevator processed into rectangular screw, with a thrust bearing large nut device in the cylinder head, and then over the motor reducer (or belt) drives the nut rotate, so that the screw jack-up capsules can increase or reduce the elevator.

The elevator driven by linear motor, the power source is a linear motor.

Lift out early, used the steam engine, the internal combustion engine as power direct drive elevator, now extinct.

Minatar Dumbwaiter products are generally divided into floor type and window-type, providing customers with fast, convenient, small cargo transportation economy for the user saves time and human resources. Apply to hotels, guesthouses and other buildings.


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