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Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevator: for the transport of passengers of the elevator, requires a perfect safety facilities, and some car interiors. To motor power of a vertical lift, with box shaped pod for multi-storey building passenger. Services in the fixed specified floor lifting equipment. It has a car, running between the at least two vertical columns of rigid rail. Car size and structure for loading and unloading goods or passengers. Habits regardless of their drive to, the elevator as a general term for building vertical transportation tool.

Minastar of passenger lifts series of products, the perfect combination of practical and beautiful, and create a comfortable and easy and comfortable ride in space, and use the most effective self-check program, make the elevator can effect incisively and vividly, to increase the performance of the lift to a higher level, so as to meet the requirements of the passengers. Apply to hotels, restaurants, office buildings, commerce-residence building, entertainment centers, shopping malls and other places.
Passenger elevator is widely used in all walks of life, convenient and fast, improve people's quality of life.
Minastar not only sell all kinds of passenger elevator, and beautiful sightseeing elevator, ladder of goods, home elevator, hospital elevator, escalators, moving walks, welcome everyone to come to buy!

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