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Minastar cargo elevator

Cargo elevator is a large electromechanical equipment of electromechanical integration, high degree of automation. The scientific maintenance can greatly prolong the service life of the elevator lift truck. As the precision of transportation, no matter how the quality of excellent products, can not be never for a loss. The installation inspection of the new cargo elevator after delivery the safe and reliable operation, the key units in the use of cargo elevator safety management, perfect maintenance and reasonable use. Because of the characteristics of the freight elevator, normal wear and electrical equipment aging, improper use of human, are likely to affect the performance of the freight elevator, it can be said that the "cargo elevator is three points in use seven on the maintenance of the freight elevator maintenance". As we all know the car, regular maintenance, to ensure the safety performance of the car. Through college Industry freight elevator maintenance unit or cargo elevator manufacturing unit for the freight elevator every 15 days for a regular maintenance, can in a timely manner possible fault in a timely manner to eliminate, so as to ensure the safe use of the freight elevator.

Minastar cargo elevator products, the structure of the product high strength, safe and reliable, durable, cost-effective, to meet customer demand for load use. Apply to office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, factories and other places.

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