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How to choose an home elevator

 The home elevator for the indoor transportion, when the choice should pay attention to the following matters:

A, safe, comfortable, reliable

1. The home elevator at run time, the safety protection device to be absolutely reliable, effective.

2 home elevator The at runtime the brake has no obvious discomfort when run smoothly site no uncomfortable feeling.

B, no pollution
1. The use of new technologies, new materials for space grid interference and the influence of the magnetic field is smaller, small to not affect household electricity and living environment by radiation.
2 the noise level of the machine room and the requirements of the construction of the engine room. The impact noise level of the switch door and the noise level in the car can reach the silent running.
C, low operating costs
Parts replacement cycle is long, high degree of localization, the annual maintenance fee is reasonable and equipment depreciation.
D, the performance price ratio
1.The performance on satisfying the requirements of users. But the technology is advanced, mature manufacturing process, and the other parts import content compared with the price of the best. No performance meet the user requirements, technology, manufacturing process is the same, the price also same, original parts import content high, the cost performance is high.
2.high The quality of service: match notice ladder calculation flow the average waiting time and less discrepancy capsules time is short the high quality of service...
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