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Safety take the elevator attention not to press a number of buttons at the same time

Control of elevator safety knowledge is very important, take the elevator to do: a calm, two judgment, observe three, not four.

A calm

Encounter the danger such as passenger elevators or sharp drop, because of the tension of avoid by all means in the elevator movement significantly.

Two judgment

Encounter the elevator don't panic, first of all should distinguish "slide" or "ladder". "Slide" refers to the elevator failure occurs in the operation process, the elevator will automatically judge, when they tested the door and safety protection device is normal, the home elevator will return to the first floor flat layer position. If it is found that the running elevator speed is not normal, may be the "ladder". At this time to look over each floor buttons are press again, the entire back and head against the elevator wall at the same time, the use of the elevator wall to protect the spine. After waiting for the elevator stable, to seek outside help.

The three observation

Before entering the elevator, observation cargo elevator whether capsules in the corresponding position of floor; After entering the elevator, observation capsules with no "safety inspection" logo, and its validity; Elevator runtime, observe whether the door is closed, if you find the door closed no run, explain the elevator fault, shall promptly notify the maintenance.

4 don't

Don't take the panoramic elevator when multiple button at the same time; Don't smoke in the elevator, discarded cigarette butts or use open flame; Don't play play in the elevator; Don't stay on the escalator import and export, or could reach escalator baffle shoes or clothing.


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