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how to achieve the separate the elevator to cover the signal

The elevator  in the car door and floor door closed, can form a Faraday cage, Faraday cage has the effect of electrostatic shielding, similarly also has good for electromagnetic wave shielding effect, at the same time as a result of the position of the elevator are often located in the center of the building, so by the wall loss is bigger, also plus because the panoramic elevator shaft itself tunnel effect, so you need to do special coverage. About the elevator override method has three kind of the most widely used, but in fact should be far more than these three, in which three of the most common used method is introduced.

1 the first one is the elevator shaft cover
This method is in the elevator well internal mounted directional antenna (usually at the top), or omnidirectional antenna (usually in the cargo wells), of the transmitted signal, also need to in the installation of the roof to receive antenna and relay station. But there are problems with this approach, the first is the construction of trouble, the second is possible antenna or other equipment to fall, it is hidden, the third point is related to signal intensity and the position of the elevator, when the elevator from far, accept signals may not ideal, so people came up with this method, the arrangement of multiple antennas to solve this problem.

2 the seconf one is the elevator hall cover

Is in each layer of the elevator hall mounted omnidirectional antenna, and then rely on the leaked into the car in the electromagnetic wave communication. This method compared to even worse some coverage of the elevator shaft, because rely on leaked into the electromagnetic wave power is still limited, and signal is not stable, so do not much use. This method compared to the elevator shaft cover even worse some, because rely on leaked into the electromagnetic wave power is still limited, and the signal is unstable, so use is not much.

3 Third  kinds of leakage cable
The coaxial cable leakage can according to opening at the same time with the characteristics of the propagation and radiation signal. This method easy construction, structure is relatively simple, basically do not worry about the effects of the position of the elevator on the signal. But the disadvantage is that leakage cable prices are higher (one meter near 30RMB) in top cover when the cost is larger.

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