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The elevator slide reson

1, the overload, the overload protection is invalid. (1) The weight imbalance.(2) The traction machine start too fast. (3) Wire rope wear.

1,the overload, the bottom is used to weight the travel switch without action, the cargo elevator can still run. After reach a certain floor parking, may decline. Can do the overload test, adjust the travel switch and the bottom spacing

2,in the capsules uniform items placed the elevator the rated load, the local train on the elevator and heavy frame running the same level, close the main power supply, manual slow release the brake, the capsules and the heavy side to fall, one by one corresponding little or increase the weight,

3,the panoramic elevator running or when you arrive at the selected floor traction machine deceleration time is too short, can result in rope slipping, adjustable speed range.

4,may also cause slide wire rope wear serious, need to change.

5, in addition, the steel wire rope tension between uneven, shift the position of the board appear, also can appear the lift not flat floor, and voltage and current fluctuations may also be affected, it depends on the configuration of control cabinet.

6,the elevator automatic troubleshooting methods of slide, A brake adjustment, restore normal work; B check whether traction wheel was worn to a trough or replace the wheel; C in accordance with the provisions, adjust the weight difference; D the passenger elevator car cannot run overload; E adjust all traction wire rope tension, by adjusting the degree of compaction of rope head combination spring, make each wire rope mechanical equilibrium.


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