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2016 International Elevator Exhibition will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, this exhibition display a variety of escalator, moving walk, passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, cargo elevator, hospital elevator, hydraulic lifts, dumbwaiter, home elevator,inorganic room elevator, elevators, etc..
The construction of China's economy in recent years, sustained and rapid growth, the accelerating process of urbanization, mainly in the residential civil buildings and airports, subway, office buildings and other public facilities projects increased significantly, for the development of elevator industry provides enormous business opportunities.
In 2013, China produced a total of 63.3 million elevators and escalators, accounts for about 70% of the total number of newly installed elevator in the world, the growth in recent years, 20%.2013 to 145 countries and regions in the world export elevators and escalators about 6.6 million units, the domestic market nearly 57 million units; until the end of 2013, China elevator retains the quantity has exceeded the 300 million, ranking first in the world, accounting for the global elevator retains the quantity 1 / 4; China's per capita elevator retains the quantity has exceeded the world average per capita ownership average; but compared with developed countries in the world per capita ownership level there is a big gap compared, development space is still huge.
2015 China (Shanghai) International Elevator Exhibition to innovation, exchanges and cooperation; to discuss the elevator safety supervision of industrial revolution and development as the theme of the elevator safety international seminar "; during the exhibition will be held more than about ultra high speed elevator technology, elevator intelligent control, elevator parts, production process equipment and enterprise information and real estate and the elevator market research activities.
Minastar companies also participated in the exhibition, we are a professional elevator manufacturing company, we have experienced sales team and technical team, our booth number is 7A70,5 month 10 to 13, and we look forward to your visit!

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