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The most suitable elevator car decoration decoration

Ratio of correctly handling the passenger elevator car decoration decoration

Domestic high-rise building project, the number of elevators in China has rapidly increased, resulting in the elevator car decoration projects of market demand. Therefore, in some high-grade office buildings, hotels, hotels and other places, the owner will be on the elevator decoration. Need to get the attention of elevator users and modification maintenance unit is that the car decoration will make capsules weight increase, leading to the elevator balance relations, the traction conditions change, such as reducing the actual capacity of the elevator, so little impact on the normal operation of the elevator, and some units are not only decoration of elevator capsules, and at the same time to adjust the overload protection device, is still running according to the rated load, thus brought some unfavorable factors to the normal operation of the elevator. Excessive packaging may even buried under severe accidents, will give the elevator traction rope, traction machine, safety forceps, brake and other impact, leading to greatly reduce the service life.

The impact on the cargo elevator balance coefficient

Balance coefficient is an important performance index traction drive elevator, used for heavy part can balance the weight of capsules and load in the car, the traction motor running load loss. Due to the size of the load in the capsules is often change, and to focus on the elevator after the installation and debugging has been fixed, can change at any time, in order to make the elevator running basically close to the ideal state of equilibrium, therefore, to choose a suitable balance coefficient.

The influence of braking performance of the elevator safety clamp

Safety tongs in the process of to stop the car, because the kinetic energy of the capsules are, capsules and the wedge or clamping piece for relative motion, and the wedge or clamping piece stuck guide at the same time make the pliers body deformation, which absorb energy. While selecting a security clamp configuration, according to the speed limiter action speed and the size of the safety clamp pliers body can absorb energy, to calculate the maximum movement speed corresponding to the maximum allowable total quality, only choose always allow quality within the scope of the safety clamp, pliers can ensure safety system performance. According to the requirements of GB7588-2003, when choosing safety clamp should according to the rated speed of panoramic elevator adopt appropriate safety gear form (instantaneous or progressive). Must also consider the lift is suitable for the biggest movement speed corresponding to the maximum allowable total quality.

From what has been discussed above. For supervision and inspection after the elevator is really needs to make the elevator car decoration decoration of home elevator, should according to the requirement of the elevator transformation by the unit of qualification of the manufacturing or modification. Technical renovation, clear the balance coefficient of elevator design value, the design parameters of capsules, the parameters of the elevator capsules, etc, shall make a written accounting book, make sure that the elevator operation parameters meet safety requirements.


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