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The world's ten largest panoramic elevator

Sightseeing elevator is enjoy  beauty of the perfect carrier, so that passengers feel modern equipment brought comfortable. Ten global panoramic elevator, let you enjoy the unprecedented visual feast.

Santa justa panoramic elelvator(Lisbon, Portugal)

Saint Louis arch sightseeing elevator (Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)

hammetschwand panoramic elevator (Switzerland)

Lasaida sightseeing elevator (Brazil Salvatore)

Taipei 101 building elevator (Taipei)

Bailong sightseeing elevator (Hunan, Zhangjiajie)

Le Louvre Museum elevator (Paris, France)

The Eiffel Tower, sightseeing elevator (BNP)

Luxor Hotel incline elevator (Las Vegas, USA)

Oregon city elevator (Oregon)


Minastar panoramic elevator products, with advanced control technology based on the configuration of the car beautiful, smooth running, ride can watch the beautiful scenery outside. Apply to hotels, office buildings and other important public buildings and facilities.

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