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The main problems affecting the safety of the elevator

Building design specifications and actual access
< residential building design specifications of the current > about the passenger elevator configuration design calculation method in the practical operation can not objectively reflect the needs of practical use, resulting in building design approval, the elevator configuration number, capacity, design speed of not up to the needs of practical use, resulting in large amount in the elevator overload operation left hidden.
Some developers choose cheap lift
Part of the construction, such as the movements of the housing, resettlement housing, developers in elevator procurement bidding in order to reduce the cost, usually choose configuration is low, low price, the general quality of the elevator, but also to put into operation after the normal management, maintenance, use difficult.
Use unit management problem
Housing renovation stage lax management of panoramic elevator caused greater harm, to bury next hidden trouble. A lot of decoration materials by elevator transport, elevator in overload and eccentric load state, run under the non-equilibrium state for the car for a long time, resulting in deformation of the car, the verticality change, fixed parts loosening. Cement, sand and other materials through the car door and door floor gap fall into the elevator hoistway, fell to the track of lubricating oil, wire rope is directly affected by the operation of friction force of attachment, to the safe operation of the elevator caused great damage.
Main responsibility for the implementation is not in place
Both the property services unit or other elevator use unit, the home elevator safety management consciousness, responsibility consciousness, risk consciousness is generally low, management system is not perfect, the provisions of the measures are not implemented, security funds investment insufficiency.
From the calendar year supervision and accident statistics analysis, the elevator is the elevator safety management is the key link, an important link, is the need to strengthen the weakest link.
The quality problem of cargo elevator maintenance
Elevator maintenance market is not standardized, due to maintenance fees completely market-oriented, maintenance units between low-cost business competition, coupled with maintenance accessories quality uneven, and other factors, also is to cause one of the important reasons for the quality and safety of the elevator.

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