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Elevator professional knowledge

1, flat layer accurately spent
The deviation value of the vertical direction between the upper plane of the cage and the upper plane of the floor of the elevator cabin after the stop of the elevator.
2, rated speed of the elevator
The speed of the car as specified in the design of the panoramic elevator.
3, maintenance speed
The speed at which the elevator is running.
4, rated load
The maximum load in the cabin which is stipulated in the elevator design.
5, lift lift height
The vertical distance from the bottom to the top end of the floor to the top floor.
6, room
Install one or more of the dedicated rooms for the equipment and ancillary equipment.
6.1 room height
The minimum vertical distance between the ground floor and the top plate of the machine room.
6.2 room width
The horizontal distance in the engine room is parallel to the width direction of the car.
6.3 room width
The horizontal distance of the machine room is perpendicular to the width of the room.
6.4 room area
The product of the width and depth of the room.
7, auxiliary room; interlayer; pulley interval
Room at the top of the well road, the room floor and the top of the well road between the room. It has the function of the compartment, but also can be installed pulley, speed limiter and electrical equipment.
8, layer platform ticket
Each floor is used for access to the car's location.
9, layer station entrance
An opening portion, which is formed from the floor to the car, is a passage from the floor to the car.
10, base station
A layer that stops when the car is not put into operation instructions. It is generally located at the most passengers in the hall or at the lower end of the floor.
11, scheduled base station
Parallel or group control panormic elevator operation instructions, designated stop waiting operation layer station.
12, the bottom end of the station
The lowest car stop.
13, top end station
The highest car stop.
14, inter layer distance
The distance between the two adjacent stand level gates.
15, well way
Passenger elevator cabin and to reload or (and) hydraulic cylinder piston movement scenting. This space is limit to the top of the shaft at the end of the pit bottom shaft pit bottom well wall and the well.

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