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The general requirements of the elevator machine room

1, each passenger elevator should be single has a cut off the main power switch of the lift, the switch position should be able to from a room at the entrance to convenient quickly close, such as a few elevators sharing the same room, the escalator is the main power switch should be easy to identify. Its capacity should be able to cut off the elevator under the normal use of the maximum current, but the switch should not be cut off the power supply circuit of the following:

A. cabin lighting and ventilation;

B. room and pulley lighting;

Power supply socket in C. computer room;

D. car top and bottom pit power outlet;

E. elevator shaft lighting;

F. alarm device.


2, each panoramic elevator should be equipped with power supply system off phase, the fault phase protection device, the device in the panoramic elevator operation interruption phase should also play a protective role.


3, elevator power and control lines should be laying separation, from the supply room play the zero line and the grounding wire should always be separated, the ground color is yellow insulated wire, in addition to the below 36V safety voltage electrical equipment metal casing shall be easy to identify the grounding terminal is provided with a and should have good grounding. Grounding wire should be were directly connected to the connection wire column, shall not be connected in series are re grounding.

4, line pipe, laying of slot line should be straight, neat and firm. Line groove of the wire with a total area of not more than net 60% trough area; pipe line wire with a total area of not more than tube net 40% of the area; hose fixed spacing less than 1m, the end head is fixed spacing of not more than 0.1m.


5, control cabinet, the installation position of screen should be consistent with:

A. control cabinet, screen front door, window is not less than 600 mm;

B. control cabinet, the maintenance side of the screen wall not less than 600 mm;

C. control cabinet, screen machinery is not less than 500 mm.


6, in the room, the steel wire rope and the floor holes should be 20 to 40mm, and the holes in the well path should be built around a high 50mm level.

7, traction machine bearing beam for buried walls, the bearing length should be more than the thickness of the wall center 20mm, and not less than 75mm.

8, in motor or flywheel should correspond to lift the car direction sign. Traction wheel, flywheel, speed limiter round outer side should paint yellow. Brake manually release the brake wrench painted red, and hung on the accessibility of wall.

9, traction machine with appropriate amount of lubricating oil. The oil standard should be complete, the oil level display should be clear, governor the lubricating parts should also be reliable lubrication.

10, flexible brake, brake on both sides of the shoe should be closely, uniform to fit on the working surface of the brake wheel, loosen should be synchronized off, the four corners at the average gap value on each side is less than 0.7mm.

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