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(1) lock function:
The base station call box equipped with the electric lock for startup and shutdown control circuit of elevator;
(2) operation fault protection function:
When exceeding the normal running time of 10 seconds, the dumbwaiter elevator stops running, to prevent the damage of the motor;
(3) fault self display function:
The diagnosis of the fault in the form of code display;
(4) fault self diagnosis function:
Be able to diagnose the fault phenomenon and reason;
(5) since the resumption of the insurance function:
If the short circuit loop control signal is automatically disconnected when the insurance, the insurance is automatically switched on when the fault is eliminated;
(6) the contactor adhesion protection function:
As the contactor coil power after contact to disconnect, prevent operation to ensure safety again;
(7) call response function
Press the call button, called echelon button digital indicator lights, lights off memory after arrival cancellation;
(8)beepprompt function:
With the arrival of beepprompt function;
(9) opening and closing state indication function:
Elevator operation station after open the door, open the door and the digital display ladder used in this layer;
(10) display the running direction:
Run by up and down arrows show the direction of the light emitting;
(11) floor display function:
The operation of the elevator to the floor by the digital display;

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