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Minastar Elevator Professional elevator manufacturers

Minastar elevator lift is a professional manufacturer of the company, a human height, taking science and technology as a weapon to design as the pioneer, stand in the perspective of customers provide the best quality service for buyers.
Minastar elevator company to the group's strong technical talent, high-tech equipment as the basis, with the comprehensive manufacturing advantage of electromechanical products; no matter in the field of research or development in the field of application is to obtain significant results.
In the process of product design and development, quality, production management, minastar elevator has accumulated rich experience and the constant pursuit of technological innovation and uphold honest professional spirit, provide high reliability to customers, high standard products to meet the new era; people need more and more convenience, safety, the requirements of the living environment thus, by the user's trust, for the prosperity of the society, made outstanding contributions to human happiness!
The main products: passenger elevator, home elevator, panoramic elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator.

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