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Basic knowledge of electrical: what are the possible reasons for the elevator fault

1 the input power of the phase error or missing phase caused by phase sequence relay action.
2 the elevator for a long time in the overload running or blocking, causing thermal relay action.
3 may limit the governor to speed governor switch action.
4 lift the lift or sink caused by limit switch action.
5 pit rope switch. May be the governor rope jump or long.
6. Safety tongs action. Should identify the reasons. May be overspeed action. Governor oil loss misoperation, pit rope pulley oil loss and pit rope pulley is embroiled in a foreign body, such as a mouse, etc.), the security contract block gap is too small.
7 the safety window is top up, causing the safety window switch action.
8 there may be some emergency stop switch is pressed.
9 if the switch is normal, should check whether the contact is good, wiring is loose, and so on.
Also the more panoramic elevator while the safety loop is normal, safety relay is attracted, but usually in the safety relay take a pay normally open contact and then sent to the microcomputer (or PC) were detected, if the safety relay itself bad contact, cause safety circuit fault state.

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