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Basic knowledge of elevator cabin design 2

8.2.3 The number of passengers elevator

The number of passengers should be obtained by the following methods:

A) according to the formula 75 / rated load calculation, calculation result rounded down to the nearest integer. or

B) take smaller value in table 2.

8.3 the car wall, capsules and its top floor

8.3.1 capsules should by its wall, capsules and its top floor completely closed, only allowed to have the following opening:

A) using the people normal entrances;

B) capsules security window and capsules exit;

C) vent.

8.3.2 car wall, capsules and its top floor should have enough mechanical strength, including capsules, guide shoe, its walls, capsules and its assembly on the top of the floor also shall have sufficient mechanical strength, to withstand the normal operation of elevator safety gear, actions or capsules the impact force of buffer. car wall should have such mechanical strength: use 300 n force, evenly distributed on the 5 cm2 round or square area, along the capsules capsules introversion outside direction vertical applies to any position on its wall, its wall should be:

A) without permanent deformation;

B) the elastic deformation is 15 mm. car glass wall should be used for sandwich glass, should press table J1 choose or can impact pendulum test under mentioned in appendix J.

After the test, the safety of the car wall performance should not be affected.

From capsules floor below the 1.10 m height if use glass wall of the car, should be between 0.90 m to 1.10 m set an armrest, the handrail should be firmly fixed, has nothing to do with the glass. fixed glass wall of the car, even in the case of glass sink, also should guarantee the glass will not slip out. car glass walls should have the permanent tag:

A) supplier name or trademark;

B) glass type;

C) thickness [such as: (8 + 0.76 mm + 8)]



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