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Basic knowledge of elevator cabin design 1

Mainly is to meet the requirement of national standard, afterwards beautiful consideratio.

8.1 ccbin height
8.1.1 cabin net height of not less than 2m.
8.1.2 users is normal in and out of the cabin entrance should not be less than 2m.
8.2 cabin, the rated load, the number of passengers.
8.2.1 passenger elevator and hospital elevator bed.

In order to prevent the personnel overload, effective area of the cabin should be restricted. The relationship between the rated load weight and maximum effective area.
The cabin is recessed and raised portions, regardless of height is less than 1m, regardless of whether there is a single protection, in the calculation of the car when the maximum effective area must be included.

When the door is closed, any effective area of the cabin entrance should also be taken into account.
In order to allow the cabin to change the design, table 1 listed the rated load of the corresponding cabin allows increasing the maximum effective area is not greater than the table column value 5% of the area.
In addition, the cabin should be in line with the overload device to monitor the 14.2.5 requirements.

8.2.2 cargo elevator
In order to prevent the personnel can not be excluded by overloading may occur, car area should be restricted. Usually, the relationship between the rated load and car maximum effective area should also be in accordance with the provisions of Table 1.
Special circumstances, in order to meet the application requirements and to meet the cargo elevator as specified in Table 1, in its security by the effective control of the conditions, the car area can be beyond the requirements in Table 1.
Here the "effective control" refers to:
A) elevator cabin design calculation should consider the actual load reached the cabin area as specified in Table 1 corresponds to the rated load condition, the lift force components (such as traction rope and terminal device, traction wheel, traction machine gear, brake, the car and a car frame etc.) enough strength and stiffness, without slipping, between traction rope and safety clamp, the buffer can be used to meet the requirements;
B) the car should comply with the overload monitoring device 14.2.5 requirements;
C) should set the flag in the loading and unloading area from the station can always see the position, show that the cargo elevator rated load (see 15.5.3):
D) should be designed for specific delivery of light goods, the volume can be guaranteed in the full car case, the total quality of the goods will not exceed the rated load;
E) elevator driver operation, and strictly restrict access.
More than a), b), c) responsible for the elevator manufacturer; d), e) responsible for the elevator users.
At the same time, for the delivery of the cargo elevator inspection before use refers to the special circumstances, should be respectively according to appendix D (normative) D2h) for traction inspection; according to D2j) for safety inspection and inspection according to D2l) as a buffer.
In addition, calculation of cargo elevator design not only need to consider the rated load, but also consider the quality of handling device may enter the car.
For the approval and trained by the user of non commercial vehicle lift, the rated load should be according to the effective area of unit car is not less than 200kg/m2.

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